Commodities !

Commodities are the actual physical goods like corn, soybeans, gold, crude oil, etc. Commodities have the same principle as any other online investment - traders do not own the actual products but only speculate on their market value. Traders with SINATRA CAPITAL MARKETS are given access to the most traded and profitable commodities gold, silver and crude oil.

Trading gold is usually viewed as protection against investment market drops, inflation, and currency failure. It is considered one of the most profitable investments because its market price change every day and every minute.

Silver futures give traders the opportunity to profit from both falling and rising markets. Speculators buy silver futures when they believe that silver prices will go up. Conversely, they will sell silver futures when they think that silver prices will fall.

Crude Oil 
The crude oil market is one of the most active and dynamic markets, making the future a very profitable investment.

Type Instrument Spreads in Value
FX Gold 0.5
FX Silver 0.04
CFD Crude Oil* 0.06
CFD Copper* 0.02
CFD Platinum* 1.5
CFD Aluminium 1.8
CFD Zinc 1.8
CFD Tin 20
CFD Lead 2
CFD Coffee* 0.16
CFD Corn* 0.66
CFD Wheat* 0.7
CFD Cotton* 0.08
CFD Sugar* 0.02
CFD Soy bean* 1.4
CFD Natural Gas* 0.02
CFD Gasoline* 0.02
CFD Heating oil* 0.02
CFD Brent Oil* 0.12
CFD Palladium 0.7
  *Futures Contract Assets